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Lauren Greenberg, Vice President, Device Development

Ms. Greenberg leads Product Development at ApiJect. She brings 16 years of pharmaceutical industry experience to her role, focusing on the delivery of product designs and characterization data and methods, while providing strategic and technical direction for the combination product pipeline, and bearing primary responsibility for development, verification, validation, and advancement of ApiJect’s product portfolio. She also heads development of novel tools and processes to deliver on future product platform and licensee needs.

Ms. Greenberg was previously with West Pharmaceutical Services, holding increasing levels of responsibilities including, most recently, Director, R&D, Containment Systems. In this and earlier engineering roles, she has led multidisciplinary teams to design and develop elastomeric and polymeric container system components, 510(k) approved medical devices, and device constituents of combination products. Ms. Greenberg earned an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University in Biomedical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in Biomechanics and Biomaterials from Cornell University.

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