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Michael Buzecky, Senior Director, Process Development & Packaging

Mr. Buzecky leads the process development and packaging team for the ApiJect’s Platform, helping to solve drug delivery challenges for sterile liquids. In this role, he is responsible for the development of required packaging design and other downstream processes including visual and particulate inspection for sterile products. Mr. Buzecky is also focused on emerging regulatory and compliance requirements as related to Blow-Fill-Seal manufacturing and packaging.

Mr. Buzecky held several positions with increasing managerial responsibilities at Woodstock Sterile Solutions. As Senior Process Engineering Manager, he managed a portfolio of over 25 process improvement projects, including CAPEX, cost reduction, and quality improvements. Prior to that, he was Process Development Manager at URL PharmPro, assisting with the transition to a contract manufacturing organization and managing Process Development. At PharmPro Services, Mr. Buzecky was the originator and chairman of the training committee responsible for ensuring appropriate training of all personnel, designing and programming a database to document training requirements and status. Mr. Buzecky possesses a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

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