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Lisa Fotheringham, Vice President, Project Management & Quality

Lisa Fotheringham brings more than 27 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and laboratory support services to her role at ApiJect. She provides leadership for project management, processes, and resources to drive efficiency and effectiveness of all functions within Operations. Additionally, Lisa has launched regulatory functions within the organization to support the strategic objectives of ApiJect’s development programs.

Prior to joining the company, she was Director, Project Services at Q² Solutions, a clinical trial laboratory services organization. Earlier posts included serving as Interim Vice President, Operations, at ACM Global Central Laboratory; and as Vice President, Operations at Eurofins Central Laboratory from 2018-2020, having previously been ECL’s Senior Director from 2016-2018. She performed associate director and senior manager roles at PPD Central Laboratory from 2012-16 and was Director of Support Operations at ACM Global Central Laboratory from 2008-2011, having advanced through the ranks to Senior Project Manager there from 2006-2008. Her further experience includes positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Nalge Nunc International, Coopervision, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc.). Lisa took her B.S. in biology with a chemistry concentration from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

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