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Introducing the ApiJect Technology Development Center

Introducing the
ApiJect Technology
Development Center

Scalable & Efficient BFS Manufacturing

Scalable and Efficient
Blow-Fill-Seal Manufacturing

Efficiency and Flexibility of Blow-Fill-Seal

Assisting Compatibility and Stability

Assisting Compatibility
and Stability

Feasibility and Stability Testing is the First Step

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Offering Design, Engineering and Testing of ApiJect’s High Volume Process for Manufacturing Single-Dose, Prefilled Injectors

About The Technology Development Center

Located in the greater Orlando, Florida-area,  the ApiJect Technology Development Center is focused on helping pharmaceutical companies prepare their drug product for high-speed, high-volume production in a new type of scalable prefilled syringe* that is made largely using the Blow-Fill-Seal aseptic process. The Center directly supports the future installation of large-scale commercial manufacturing for rapid deployment of critical medications.

*The Prefilled ApiJect Injector and its components are not cleared by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

Design, Testing, and Engineering

  • Manufacturing for Feasibility Testing
    The Center can readily prepare the drug product for feasibility testing if a company chooses to undertake this step.
  • BFS Mold Design
    Our world-class experts work with the pharma partner to design custom molds that meet the drug product’s requirements.
  • BFS Prototype Mold Production
    Our experts will take the mold design and create BFS molds for prototype and development manufacturing.
  • Rapid Prototype Testing
    Working alongside the pharma company, our team will produce prototype BFS-based combination devices, test their performance, and integrate feedback in a rapid iterative process towards an approved final design.
  • Foil Packaging for Stability
    The Center offers on-demand capability to wrap BFS containers in foil pouches that can be used in stability testing

Learn more about how ApiJect works with pharma & biotech companies and contract manufacturers.

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