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Global Access to Medical Devices

Global Access to
Medical Devices

Our belief: Every device should be designed to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals in all markets.

Understanding patients, systems, and markets

Designing and creating prototypes of a new device concept is only the beginning at ApiJect. To refine that potential device, the global health and access team partners with patient organizations around the world so that they can interview and get prototypes in the hands of patients and healthcare professionals.

These frontline interviews and user testing sessions are invaluable sources of feedback that allow our engineers to design and manufacture modifications to better serve these constituencies’ needs.

Market research to understand what solutions can be supported

In addition to frontline user feedback, the global health and access team also performs extensive market research on many of the markets the prototype device could serve. Part of the purpose of this research is to identify the healthcare supply chains that support these markets, and how the supply chain of that potential device can reliably serve that market.

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