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Every year, more than a million people across the world are killed due to syringe reuse and unsafe injection practices in healthcare facilities. ApiJect was founded to stop this tragedy.

Advancing Fill-Finish to Solve Drug Delivery Challenges for the World

Marc Koska, OBE, recognized that to address the problem of unsafe medical injections, the world needed a single-use prefilled syringe that could work in any market, and that Blow-Fill-Seal was the key to making that possible.

What he created was more than just a scalable and efficient prototype prefilled injector for global health. It was a new drug delivery platform with the potential to enable more liquid medicines and vaccines to safely reach more patients across the world.

Today, ApiJect Systems is a medical technology company working to improve how sterile liquid medicines and vaccines are fill-finished across the world.

We do this by helping pharmaceutical companies design rapidly-scalable, cost-efficient drug delivery systems, and then assist in manufacturing those devices.

Our mission is to make injectable medicines and vaccines safe and accessible to everyone. And every pharma company, contract manufacturer, healthcare provider, and nation we work with, helps bring us one step closer to that goal.

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