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Drug Delivery Security
& Validation

The ApiJect Platform was created to handle more than drug delivery. It is designed to support many of the system needs of healthcare organizations.

A Broad Platform

The ApiJect Platform is not just a set of design and manufacturing principals to create scalable, efficient prefilled drug delivery systems. It is also a platform that can support the service needs for many of the industries and organizations that use drug delivery. Two of those cases are biosecurity and dose validation.

Biosecurity and Pandemic Response

In many ways, Blow-Fill-Seal is an ideal fill-finish process for emergency response. It can rapidly begin production, has the potential for very large output volumes, and is cost efficient. These attributes and more are essential for governments who need to respond to emergencies, such as a pandemic outbreak, in a timely and effective manner.

ApiJect is proud of its work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense on improving America’s ability and flexibility for sterile liquid drug delivery in an emergency. And the entire ApiJect team is excited as we continue to work together for a stronger, safer future for all.

Dose Validation

INTERPOL has estimated that as much as 30% of the world’s medicine supply is counterfeit. This ongoing crisis results in patients being harmed, reduced consumer confidence in many markets, and a waste in tax dollars.

ApiJect is working on a system that would allow any healthcare professional or patient to quickly and easily verify that the dose of medicine or vaccine they are about to use is authentic. At scale, this dose validation system could help reduce overall medical counterfeit sales, stop the unknowing administration of fake medicines, and improve regulator recalls.

Finally, this technology could also deliver on ApiJect’s mission of improving access because it could allow healthcare suppliers in developing nations to better understand vaccination coverage of their at-risk populations.

Additional Technical Resources

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