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Ensuring the Right Fit
for Your Drug Product

ApiJect can perform Blow-Fill-Seal Compatibility testing to make sure BFS can support your drug product

The ApiJect Technology Development Center is ready to perform compatibility testing on your drug product

If your company has a sterile liquid drug product and are considering Blow-Fill-Seal, but are not yet ready to make a commitment, then ApiJect recommends that your first step should be to take your product through BFS compatibility testing.

At the ApiJect Technology Development Center, we can take bulk drug product and fill it in polymer via the BFS fill-finish process. Our BFS experts work with your team to select the right polymer resin for your drug product. Then once we fill your product using our in-house BFS machines, your team will be able to verify whether your drug product is compatible with BFS.

Compatibility testing is a great first step in verifying and building confidence that the BFS process is a good primary packaging option for your sterile liquid product.

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