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Josh Myers, Vice President, Distributed Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Josh Myers is VP, Distributed Manufacturing & Supply Chain, at ApiJect. In this role, he is responsible for leading the planning and execution of global supply chain initiatives, including material logistics, procurement and managing relationships with key suppliers and external manufacturing partners.

Before joining the company, he helped run the commercial operations group in North America for Unither Pharmaceuticals, a leading BFS contract manufacturer. He spent two years at Unither helping transform the North American business unit from a traditional oral dose manufacturing site to a leading sterile BFS producer within Unither. His experience there includes serving as Interim Commercial Director – North America from 2019 to 2020.

As Sr. Director of Supply Chain at ApiJect, he helps bridge the commercial operations with the technical group while interfacing with key stakeholders both internally and externally. Mr. Myers also brings to his post a diverse background with experience in contract manufacturing and food and beverage manufacturing. Prior to Unither, Mr. Myers spent seven years at North American Breweries in a number of different functional areas including operations, quality, product development, project management, and contract manufacturing.

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