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Christian Eichhorn, Vice President, Packaging and Process Development

With over 17 years of experience in process and packaging development, Mr. Eichhorn heads these disciplines at ApiJect, defining strategy while directing and applying technical skills to programs and projects across the product development lifecycle.

His prior experience includes 12+years with West Pharmaceutical Services, leading engineering teams that conceptualized and developed new products and integrated new technologies. Leading the Containment Expansion R&D team, he focused on the development of new product concepts through external collaborations, and integration of technologies such as additive manufacturing, novel containment, and advanced materials. As part of West R&D, he founded a new team to expand and centralize analytical engineering capabilities like mold flow simulation and finite element analysis to support rapid development of new container systems. He co-led the creation and rollout of West’s Innovation Playbook, an internally developed best practice guide and collection of tools to assist colleagues around the globe apply innovation best practices in their work. In addition to leading teams at West, Mr. Eichhorn gained experience in process engineering, operations, innovation and knowledge management, and R&D lab and facility management.

At Parsons Corp., he was Process/Project Engineer for several life sciences design build projects, including a 2011 ISPE Facility of the Year award winning biologics production facility.  Mr. Eichhorn earned a B.S in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from Penn State University.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania.

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