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Dave Boerschel, Program Director, Blow-Fill-Seal

Mr. Boerschel is a Program Management/Project Management professional with over 30 years of experience in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging, high-tech electronic and food manufacturing industries. At ApiJect, Mr. Boerschel is responsible for managing multiple technical projects simultaneously, including new or enhanced products, engineering, cost containment and efficiency, and compliance initiatives for drug delivery and both clinical and commercial packaging.

Previously, Mr. Boerschel held positions with increasing project management and supply chain responsibilities with Catalent Pharma Solutions. He was Program Manager of sterile product development, where he led a team in the development and manufacture of new clinical and commercial sterile liquid pharmaceutical products. Prior to Catalent, he supervised multi-disciplined teams manufacturing various consumer goods from mobile electronic devices to food products where he was responsible for production yields, efficiencies, safety, and P/L. Mr. Boerschel earned his degree in Finance from Iowa State University, is a certified PMP by the Project Management Institute, and is well versed in the Six Sigma discipline.

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