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Lindsay Pierle, Device Engineering Lead

Ms. Pierle leads a team of ApiJect engineers responsible for providing an array of highly technical programs including the identification of user needs, product requirements, specification development, feasibility test development, design verification, validation testing, risk assessments, device creation and project team technical support. She establishes systems and practices for workflow improvement and enhancement of productivity.

At John Hopkins University, Ms. Pierle was a Respiratory Study Assistant, assessing the impact of various oxygen treatments on SpO2 levels through a clinical study with COPD patients and a Teaching Assistant, providing guidance and feedback to undergraduate bioengineering design teams throughout the design process. She offers extensive experience in research and global health projects, including developing a prototype optical system to connect to a mosquito identification algorithm with the goal of preventing the spread of malaria. Ms. Pierle identified gaps in nephrology space, ideated solutions, and developed a product for faster intervention and to overall improve healthcare outcomes. Ms. Pierle is a graduate of John Hopkins University with a master’s degree in Bioengineering Innovation and Design and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Economics from Virginia Tech.

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