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Did You Know? Component Supply Chain

Are polymers readily available?
Blow-Fill-Seal is a little unique in its availability globally to be able to 0:13 get resin well if this was considered a niche technology or Niche platform but it produces over 50 billion doses a year, so it’s a pretty big niche. So while as it relates to resin producers and polymer producers globally. We’re a drop in their bucket it’s enough that they have the material available to us and it’s a good business for them but it’s not a resin that’s used by every injection mold globally creating a shortage so we have the ability to source resin components or resin material whatever we need for the most part, we did select globally available materials so they can be accessed from multiple regions so it’s not a single source of supply in a remote corner of the world our polymers are available on multiple continents from one supplier and then there are other competitive materials as well as from competitors that could be swapped enough to the right testing to be done as well.

Does ApiJect stockpile resin/polymer?
ApiJect doesn’t necessarily stockpile any of the materials. We leverage our partner’s buying expertise and their buying power. We partnered with existing Blow-Fill-Seal operators that have routine supply chains set up with their resin producers. Therefore we leverage their existing buying power and existing supply to make the ApiJect injector. We tried to limit the number of new or moving parts as we were creating a novel device in the injection industry. Leveraging is already known already good equipment or materials was essential to the ApiJect injector

What manufacturing capacity does ApiJect have available today?
We have a number of lines placed at both of the partners as I mentioned Fareva and TRC. We’re in the process of standing up those lines now for full commercial and Regulatory-approved manufacture, That’s as everyone knows in the pharmaceutical and medical device space a long, drawn-out arduous process but we are currently in the process of standing multiple lines of multiple facilities globally to be able to produce ApiJect prefilled injectors.

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