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Did You Know? Component Manufacturing

Who manufactures ApiJect’s components?
ApiJect has a great number of partners across our entire value chain but specifically on the manufacturing side we have two BFS operators that we’ve partnered with one of which is The Ritedose Corporation in Columbia, South Carolina, and the other is Fareva. Their Excel Vision facility in France and then Tai Chang Industrial is one of the largest needle Hub manufacturers in the world and is our key supplier of all of our needle Hub components.

What is manufactured at TRC?
TRC is globally recognized and one of the largest blow-fill-seal operators in the United States and they also they do supply some goods for overseas. They make blow-fill-seal containers. You can see here and they’re one of the largest in the US and they make these components for us.

What about Fareva?
They’re another sort of well-known Global blow-fill-seal operator and manufacturer, they are adding three additional lines specific to the ApiJect Platform but they have another 7 to 10 lines that run their existing commercial blow-fill-seal business and a couple of different indications and don’t switch forms so they’re another extremely reputable extremely well-known BFS operator in space.

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