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Did You Know: Five Functions of Packaging

As compared to glass any blow-fill-seal supply chain is much more compact. We do not have all the plungers and diaphragms and other pre-manufactured components that you have to assemble and purchase and bring into your fill-finish facility as you do with glass.

In a BFS, we basically have one raw material component which is resin. plastic polymer and that can be sourced from a number of different refineries. That’s the only part unless you’re doing some insertion which we are not for our device.

It’s just polymer and that is a big advantage over the glass, the plungers and the tubes that all have to be bought separately and those supply chains for glass involve mining and sand and a number of different processes. Whereas the resin is from a refinery.

It’s through a chemical process and it comes in and we use the resin only to make a form fill in CLR Container. It’s a much more simplified supply chain in that regard so the platform itself, with the needles and connectors, we would require at least two facilities. There’s a facility dedicated to the injection molding of the connectors that we use as well as the manufacturer of the canola are the needles and those two items typically are coming from a single supplier to ApiJect and they’re using one facility.

ApiJect is then using another contract facility to manufacture the sterile blow-fill-seal containers and that facility is then, of course, using a resin supplier. If you looked at all of those different linkages to produce our injector, there’s probably four. I would say there’s two for the connectors and needles because they’re sourcing raw materials and then there’s two from a blow-fill-seal

manufacturing perspective being the contract manufacturer and then the resin supplier about approximately four different facilities to create all the components necessary for our injector platform at this point.

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