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Did You Know: Handling Drug Product

What formulations can ApiJect handle? What about nitrogen overlay?
Lots to unpack there. Let’s start with the nitrogen overlay question as that’s probably the easiest, The answer is yes. A BFS machine, no matter the model, can create a nitrogen or another inert gas environment as the container is formed, filled, and sealed. Additionally, we commonly overlay the secondary packaging with nitrogen prior to sealing.

Back to the compound handling question. Our handling capabilities come in two different forms. First is our in-house operations at our ApiJect Technology Development Center and the second is our external network of BFS operators.

At the ApiJect Technology Development Center, we’re primarily geared as a container design and development facility, so BFS molds and tooling are the focus. As for the hazard classification, the site can handle at this point it’s mostly inactives and low level hazardous compounds like OEL 1s and 2s.

For our external network of BFS operators, they can handle almost any hazard classic compound for BSR rated products to cytotoxins. I would say just give us a call and we’ll find a way to get it done.

Describe ApiJect’s end-to-end development capabilities to ensure the right device is created.
At various stages of development, ApiJect has a catalog of injectable drug delivery devices within our technology platform. Things vary like the drug delivery volume, the needle length and needle gauge, etc. When we first interface with clients we understand their needs and then we match one of our devices to meet their needs. If we don’t have something at the ready, we have an in-house BFS design and development team with our own tooling and mold shop to customize a drug delivery solution for that customer.

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