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Did You Know? Prefilled Injectors

How do you prevent “suck-back” where blood is drawn into containers?
That simple answer is once you inject our injector into the arm or leg or a portion of the body you have to squeeze it to deliver the injection upon the squeeze, you do not release the pressure you withdraw the needle from the body maintaining The Squeeze so it’s all about this squeeze folks that’s how you prevent “suck-back” into our container.

Is a prefilled syringe the same as an auto-injector?
The pre-filled syringe is something that’s manufactured in a factory setting with all of the risk mitigation the safety applied that will produce a product that’s pre-filled typically to a build volume a set volume and then that volume is how/what the patient will receive from a dosage perspective the auto-injector again it’s you can dial that on in some instances you can make the dose different based upon the patient need a lot of times the auto-injectors are pre-filled and it’s one-time use and you don’t have to press a plunger Rod you depress the tip into the skin and it there’s an auto action that injects that drug product into the body.

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