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Chapter 2: Blow-Fill-Seal in Pharma

Blow-Fill-Seal has been used to fill and finish sterile liquid pharmaceuticals for more than 50 years.

Today, BFS is used in markets around the world to fill and finish billions of pharmaceutical units per year. It is widely recognized by regulatory authorities as an advanced aseptic manufacturing process for filling sterile liquids.

While best known for filling and finishing ophthalmics and nebulizer medicines, BFS is also used in primary packaging of sterile liquids and small molecules, suspension formulations, biologics and oral vaccines. BFS has been used to successfully fill nasal formulations and parenteral vaccines, although the latter is not currently in market.

Due to its combination of high-output capability and efficiency, the BFS process often delivers lower per unit manufacturing costs than most other major large manufacturing presentations.

However, one of the advantages of BFS is that the same line that does large volumes can also be used in smaller batch-size requirements. That’s because product changeover times and batch-to-batch changeover times are relatively short.

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