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Offering Access to Injectable Medicines: The Prefilled ApiJect Injector

Too many patients around the world are unable to get the injectable medicines they need.

For example, tens of millions of women would really like to use injectable contraceptives to get better control of their lives. But that option isn’t available to them today, for a variety of both cultural and commercial reasons.

At ApiJect, we are working to give these women that option by creating prefilled drug delivery systems that can reliably serve their needs.

Our global health team conducts frontline interviews and user testing sessions to get a better understanding of what everybody needs: patients, healthcare professionals and the market.

This information is invaluable to our design team. We use it to create prototypes so these individuals can interact with our devices, and give us real-world feedback.

Finally, our development team creates prefilled injectable devices that can deliver the pharmaceuticals patients want – reliably and safely.

This iterative, personal approach is just one example of how we are creating prefilled injectors that work for everyone in all markets…

that are easy to use, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly…

because that’s our mission: enabling everyone, everywhere, to have access to safe injections of the medicines and vaccines they need to live better, healthier lives.

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