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Unlocking Blow-Fill-Seal for Injectables

At ApiJect, we believe the best products do not divide the world into “us” and “everyone else”.

Rather, the best products are designed to work as intended for every patient in every country.

Our mission is to make injectables safe and accessible for everyone, meaning we design prefilled devices that serve patients equally in all markets.

That is why our product design and global health teams conduct research about our prototype devices with patients, healthcare professionals, and administrators in various markets around the world.

And while each market has unique challenges, they all share a universal set of needs. And this insight has inspired us to design a truly amazing injectables platform…

With a manufacturing process that uses Blow-Fill-Seal that is highly scalable and cost efficient;

Supply chains that are compact, resilient, and can reduce overall lead times;

And a flexible design platform with robust testing regimens to create prefilled, easy-to-use products.

Visit our website or YouTube channel, or talk to an ApiJect representative to learn how our prefilled device platform can help your injectable products reach more patients — in all markets — scalably and cost-efficiently.

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