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Reimagining Injectable Drug Solutions

At ApiJect, our experts work with your team to design Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) based, prefilled drug delivery systems for your drug product, and then assist in the fill-finish process. The goal is a cost-effective BFS prefilled syringe or other prefilled drug delivery system that can be flexibly manufactured at your BFS facility or a trusted BFS contract manufacturer using ApiJect licensed technology.

Design Services

Our experts will sit down with your team to design, customize, and prototype the optimal BFS-based delivery system for your sterile liquid drug product.

  • ApiJect Platform Using the ApiJect Platform, our device team will engineer and test a customized BFS container and delivery system to suit your drug product.
  • Prototyping Once the drug delivery system is designed, our team can rapidly create prototype molds to test the performance of the product in the BFS container.
  • Stability Testing Whether at your facility or a CMO/CDMO, we will work with the relevant manufacturing team to fill-finish your drug product in the BFS mold for stability and compatibility testing.

Technology and Licensing Services

Once a BFS container design and overall drug delivery system is approved by your team, our BFS and manufacturing experts will work with you to fill-finish your drug product in the right BFS Prefilled Syringe at scale. This may involve:

  • BFS Mold Licensing The commercial BFS mold our experts design for your drug product will be manufactured, licensed, and installed on the BFS machine(s) in your facility or at a partner CMO/CDMO.
  • Technology Licensing In addition to the BFS mold, our team will work with your manufacturing team on technology and processes that manage temperature, visually inspect, and improve the overall efficiency for products in that BFS mold.
  • CMO/CDMO Introduction If you choose not to do the BFS fill-finish in your facilities, our team, led by an experienced project manager, will work with you to find the right BFS CMO/CDMO contract manufacturing partner.
  • BFS Line Installation If your company installs a new BFS line, or updates an existing one, our BFS experts are available to provide guidance on the right machines to fill-finish your drug product in our delivery systems for that specific facility.
  • Non-BFS Component Delivery ApiJect will manufacture, package, and deliver all of the customized non-BFS components to their final destination. This includes needle hubs with different length needles, needle shields, and connectors.


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