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The ApiJect Platform brings together prefilled, single-dose parenterals with scalable, efficient manufacturing to solve drug delivery challenges for sterile liquid pharmaceuticals in all markets.

Efficient Design and Production of Prefilled Drug Delivery System

The ApiJect Platform creates prefilled parenteral devices by bringing together Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) advanced aseptic drug packaging with attachable delivery components. This allows the ApiJect Platform to create cost-effective, prefilled drug delivery systems, such as the Prefilled ApiJect Injector*, that are tailored to a partner’s drug product.

Designing the Right Solution for Your Product

At ApiJect, we start by customizing the right BFS container to hold and deliver your drug product. Then we design and create drug delivery components, such as needle hubs, that can be easily and securely attached to your prefilled BFS container.

Finally, your potential combination device is thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and performance. The result is a safe and reliable prefilled drug delivery system for your product that can be efficiently manufactured at any scale.

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Learn more about the ApiJect Platform

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