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How a Low-Cost Mono-Dose Syringe Can Increase Safety and Coverage

Currently, 10-dose vials are used for 80+% of all vaccine injections due to their lowest total cost of delivery. An established plastics technology called BFS is now capable of delivering lower costs in a mono-dose format.

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Billions of Glass vials Every Year With Unintended Consequences

A 165-year-old technology, multi-dose glass vials and syringes that are too often reused, won’t get us to the level of coverage, equity and safety that the world needs today. It’s time to rethink the underlying system.

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Low-Cost Mono-Dose Syringes Enable Many Use Cases for Global Impact

A low-cost, prefilled, single-use mono-dose “syringe” opens up all kinds of new opportunities to improve coverage, access and equity for billions of people around the world.

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ApiJect’s 32 “Soft Benefits” are Difficult to Measure, but Improve Lives in Many Ways

The benefits of a BFS “soft” syringe cannot be assigned a specific dollar value, but they still provide meaningful real-world quality-of-life improvements.

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When Injections Spread Disease

Worldwide use of contaminated vials and syringes in clinical settings leads to 1.3 million deaths per year…and spread disease to millions.

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How We Manufacture a Prefilled Syringe with the World’s Lowest Cost Per Dose Delivered

Using well-established technology, a revolutionary new syringe platform can eliminate the tradeoff between full injection safety and maximum population coverage.

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Injection Technology: Its Past Evolution and Future Landscape

High-cost injection technologies like Micro-Array Patches (MAPs) and jet injectors receive avid attention. But actual purchases of jet injectors are limited in this cost-driven market. MAPs is also costly…and many years away from regulatory approval.

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Injectable Contraceptives Not Only Improve the Health and Lives of Women, but Transform Communities

Lack of access to family planning resources affects the lives of millions of women around the globe, causing unnecessary and untimely deaths. Injectable contraceptives are a highly effective intervention and empower women to manage their reproductive health.

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Another Massive Pandemic is Inevitable…and We’re Not Ready

Learn about the history of pandemics, how governments and medical systems respond to them, and why the US and other countries are not able to adequately respond to the next fast-moving pandemic.

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Small Farms Worldwide Need New and Better Medical Injection Choices to Keep Animals Healthy

Most of the world depends on small farms. And small farmers rely on their livestock to make a living. However, the current vaccination system has largely failed them. Learn how new injection options are needed to help billions of people around the world.

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Medical Injections are Steadily Growing for Pets and Animal Companions

This booklet dives into the new injection technology for pets and how they will make the lives of veterinarians and pet owners – and their furry companions – better.

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Additional Publications

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Introduction to ApiJect: A Better Way to Inject and Track Vaccines and Medications

This document is the best place to start learning about ApiJect. It lays out how medications are injected today, the problems facing coverage, why ApiJect is such an exciting device, how it is manufactured, and its future.

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ApiJect’s Origin: The Marc Koska Story

Discover how a breakthrough in how to inject medicines and vaccines came from one man’s lifelong quest to save millions of lives.

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Comparative Analysis of Total Injection Cost. ApiJect Prefilled Syringe vs. a 10-Dose Vial.

This booklet explains the cost factors that go into our calculation of total delivery cost of injection presentation, and how wastage is a major hidden cost driver, and why when factored together, ApiJect offers a price advantage for any injection.

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Injection Technology for Vaccines and Medicines: Past Evolution, Future Landscape

Learn about the history of injection technology and some of the exciting new technologies that will transform how people around the world receive vaccines and essential injectable medicines. Written and produced by the SafePoint Trust.

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