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Brand Assets

Our brand guidelines help the company communicate with a consistent look, feel, and tone.

For any questions about guidelines or messaging, please contact [email protected].

Mission Statement
To make injections of medicines and vaccines safe and accessible for everyone.

A world in which every country can reliably meet their citizens needs for the safe injection of essential medicines.

Brand Promise
We create innovative solutions to liquid pharmaceutical delivery challenges that work for everyone.

ApiJect Systems, Corp., is a public-benefit medical technology company working to use our platform to bring more prefilled, single-dose injections to patients everywhere. The ApiJect Platform enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to design scalable prefilled injectors and efficiently fill-finish them with their injectable drug products. This can be done either on one of their own Blow-Fill-Seal packaging lines with ApiJect-licensed technology, or at one of ApiJect’s world-class manufacturing partners.

Service Offerings
ApiJect partners with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to solve their prefilled drug delivery challenges for sterile parenterals. We work with our partners to use Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) to design rapidly scalable, cost-efficient drug delivery systems, and then assist them in manufacturing their drug product in those delivery systems either by upgrading BFS lines in their facility or connecting them to one of our world-class CMO partners.

Designing and Developing Drug Delivery Systems
At our new Technology and Development Center, pharma companies work with ApiJect to design, test, and engineer highly scalable drug delivery systems that meet the requirements of their drug products. Each delivery system using the ApiJect Platform is a combination of two components: medical-plastic containers and injection-molded drug delivery modules, such as needle hubs, that can be connected in seconds at the point of delivery.

Manufacturing Drug Delivery Systems at Scale
Once an ApiJect-approved combination device has been created, ApiJect helps the pharma partner manufacture these devices at scale with the drug product prefilled in them. This can be done in two ways: either ApiJect works with the pharma partner to install BFS lines with ApiJect technology in their facility, or ApiJect connects them to a trusted contract manufacturer that can license ApiJect’s proprietary technology on their BFS manufacturing lines.

ApiJect Logo
The blue logo is the primary color option and should be used whenever possible. The black or white logos should be used when the background does not allow enough contrast for the primary logo, or when the product bearing the logo is a 1-color job. The “TM” denotes that the signature is a trademark owned by ApiJect Systems, Corp. The ApiJect logo is not to be used externally by any party without the expressed written consent of ApiJect Systems, Corp. Contact [email protected] for written consent and file.



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