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Tony Wasilewski, MPD2, PMP, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development Services

Tony Wasilewski has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a majority of his career focused on the development, delivery, and launch of generic injectables. As Vice President of Pharma Development Services at ApiJect, He leads client engagement focusing on the “drug” aspect of combination device programs. Mr. Wasilewski and his team aid in the delivery of client development projects from lab scale early phase through late-stage development.

He previously spent 23 years with Fresenius Kabi holding roles in a variety of functional disciplines with increasing responsibilities that include new product development, program management, aseptic manufacturing, and R&D. In his most recent role, he led the newly formed 503B outsourcing business unit where he built a sterile injectable drug portfolio for hospital customers. Mr. Wasilewski earned a Six Sigma Green Belt along with PMP certification, offering advanced excellence in project and program management. He earned his Master’s in Product Design and Development from Northwestern University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Northern Illinois University. 

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