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Donovan Bort, Principal Product Development Engineer

Mr. Bort develops and tests new product designs, develops engineering solutions, and performs root-cause failure analyses specifically for sterile pharmaceuticals. By utilizing feedback and industry research/trends; he develops, builds, and verifies the functionality of product prototypes to help guide the Device team to develop drug delivery systems that truly make a difference.

Prior to ApJect, Mr. Bort was R&D Engineer with Trio Labs where he developed a 3D printer for micro-precision metal components using resin infused powder technology. At BAEBIES, he led the engineering of a disposable in-vitro diagnostics device designed for low-cost, high-volume production with CLIA moderate complexity. As Senior Mechanical Engineer at Wasatch Photonics, he designed machined components, injection molded enclosures for custom wavelength spectrometer and OCT imaging systems. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has held numerous engineering positions for companies such as Advanced Liquid Logic, InnerPulse, Parata Systems and Burle Industries. Mr. Bort earned an undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Master of Engineering in Engineering Science from Penn State University.

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