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Shai Halivni
General Counsel

As part of the ApiJect executive team, Shai oversees the company’s legal and compliance functions, advising the CEO and other executives on contracts, regulatory, compliance, employment, and other legal matters. His 30+ years of experience in top-level corporate law includes a career-spanning focus on high-tech industries such as medical devices, manufacturing, SaaS, telecommunications, and consumer goods.

Before joining ApiJect, Shai served, most recently, as Executive VP, General Counsel, and Secretary for The Segardahl Corp., responsible for legal, human resources, and compliance; and VP, General Counsel, and Secretary for FDH Velocitel, where he applied his competencies in contracts, litigation management, employment, finance, corporate governance, regulatory, and intellectual property. He also served as the chief legal officer for Signal Digital, Inc., Alma Lasers Ltd., and Dyson, Inc.

A member of the bar in New York and Illinois, Shai earned his J.D. from Columbia University Law School and his B.A. from Columbia University.

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