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Jon Ellenthal

Jon Ellenthal has devoted 30 years to starting, building, and leading early-stage companies that seek to change how an established industry does business. Mr. Ellenthal has applied his leadership to high-tech and innovative companies, including technology, health, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Currently, Jon is President of ApiJect Systems, a public benefit corporation dedicated to making injectable medicines safe and available for everyone, using Blow-Fill-Seal prefilled syringes and specialized needle hubs. At ApiJect, he establishes short- and long-term goals, assesses the direction of ApiJect, and ensures compliance with the company mission. While managing the overall workforce, Mr. Ellenthal leads through the belief that a company is a community by valuing the importance of attracting and retaining highly technical, well-trained people who think outside the box and work as a team.

Previously. Mr. Ellenthal has served as Co-Founder and Board Member of The Upside Travel Company, a travel technology innovation company. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Walker Digital, a private R&D lab for business innovation. Mr. Ellenthal was the CEO of Synapse Group, Inc. In 10 years, Synapse grew from an idea with seed capital to a company with an exit valuation approaching $1B. Prior to becoming CEO, Jon served in a variety of senior leadership roles. He is a Founding Patron and former President of TEDMED, the independently owned and operated health and medical edition of the world-famous TED organization.

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