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Nick Robinson
SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Nick oversees our manufacturing processes, manufacturing engineering resources and all supply chain functions management. His focus has been large-scale, direct marketing for global financial, insurance and consumer lenders, among others, plus related specialized manufacturing, with a track record of leading innovation and profitable growth for mid-market companies, implementing business transformation and restructuring strategies, while managing risk, improving productivity and containing costs.

Mr. Robinson spent 20 years at North American Communications, Inc., one of America’s largest vertical integrated direct mail manufacturers, first as CFO, then as CEO for 16 years, annually producing over a billion pieces of mail a year for clients of this multinational manufacturing services provider. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President of North American Communications, Inc. before becoming President and CEO of Directcom, Inc., a database marketing and modeling agency. Earlier, he held senior management positions at data-driven marketing agencies and consulting firms, including DirectCom and Accenture.

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