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Jay Walker
Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO

Jay Walker leads ApiJect’s board of directors and the company’s operations, guiding development of ApiJect’s innovative portfolio of drug delivery devices. Mr. Walker and co-founder Marc Koska initially launched ApiJect to address unsafe injections worldwide from reused medical syringes. The single-dose Prefilled ApiJect Injector has the potential to significantly reduce contamination risk and dosing errors. ApiJect has also developed a Temperature Management System enabling BFS manufacturing of a vast array of sterile injectable drugs, including ultra-cold mRNA vaccines. With over $111M in investments from the current round of funding, a team of industry experts, and locations in key regions, ApiJect is committed to making injectable medicines and vaccines safe and accessible to everyone.

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Walker has founded three companies that have gone from launch to 50 million customers each. He is the world’s 10th most patented inventor, named on more than 950 issued U.S. and international patents in technology-related fields. Active in the field of medicine since 2012, Mr. Walker also serves as Director and Curator of TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED Conference. A passionate student and practitioner of imagination, Mr. Walker founded and curated the Library of the History of Human Imagination, which Wired Magazine called, “the most amazing private library in the world.”

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