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Advancing a Proven
Aseptic Fill-Finish Process

At the center of ApiJect's design and technical solutions is Blow-Fill-Seal, an industry-recognized advanced aseptic fill-finish process. for sterile liquids

About Blow-Fill-Seal

Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) is a globally-trusted aseptic packaging technology where the pharmaceutical-grade plastic container is made, filled with the liquid drug product, and sealed in a rapid, continuous process.

BFS is used around the world to package billions of doses of both large and small molecule sterile drug products annually, including biologics and vaccines.

Advantages of Blow-Fill-Seal

The rotary BFS machines made by Rommelag® that ApiJect primarily designs its technology for have several potential advantages over more traditional fill-finish processes, including:

  • Very efficient with almost no human intervention
  • Compact resilient supply chain
  • Scalable manufacturing for development and commercial
  • Aseptic filling in a closed ISO-5 environment
  • Single primary raw material: pharmaceutical-grade polymer resin
  • No glass particulates or shards
  • Lightweight and resistant to breakage
  • Cost-effective unit-dose filling
  • Highly-customizable container shapes and volumes

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